Quality Assurance

Denali Ingredients has been committed to the highest levels of food safety from our first day of operation. That’s why the company has committed a significant amount of time and resources to assure our ice cream flavors, bases, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and inclusions always meet the highest standards. To this end, Denali maintains the following certifications and QA processes:

  • SQF certified, Level 2 in both Denali plants.
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP) established to ensure employee sanitation and hygiene.
  • Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) plan in place to protect product integrity.
  • Daily quality review includes sensory evaluation of samples from each production shift for taste, texture, aroma and appearance.
  • All items are thoroughly tested for microbiological integrity by third party lab prior to release.

Through these and other steps, Denali remains committed to providing safe ingredients our customers both demand and deserve.

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