Bar And Cone Coatings

Denali offers a wide range of ice cream bar and cone coatings, making them available from economical to premium varieties, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, and cocoa bases to liquor based. Our ice cream bar and cone coatings are designed for great taste and appearance while keeping functionality in mind. Furthermore, our coatings are designed for specific applications ranging from ice cream bars, ice cream cones, and liquid chips and are offered in the following:

  • Cocoa Base-Dark Chocolate *
  • Cocoa Base-Milk Chocolate *
  • Liquor Base-Dark Chocolate *
  • Liquor Base-Milk Chocolate *
  • Predips-Chocolate, clear, white *

We manufacture many types of ice cream bar and cone coatings and will develop that special coating for your particular needs.

* Available in NSA Version

ice cream cone coatings

ice cream bar coatings