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Eggnog Bases

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Eggnog Bases

We’re big fans of eggnog season, with good reason: consumer demand for the classic holiday comfort beverage is on the rise! Denali produces liquid eggnog bases for beverdescribes available package options and attributes for Denali Eggnog basesage manufacturing applications. Our classic liquid eggnog base features warm nutmeg and rum notes; it meets the standard of identity for eggnog when used at proper levels in manufacturing. We also produce regional favorites, such as an eggnog base with fruity notes for West Coast consumers.


Our team has innovated with flavored nogs and holiday beverages created to mimic the eggnog experience, too. Each of our products are customizable based on your unique needs. Whether it’s a natural, clean label cinnamon eggnog or a seasonal pumpkin spice holiday nog, we are prepared to work with you to develop the perfect product.

Denali’s president is so passionate about eggnog, he was even interviewed as an “eggnog-ologist” for a TV segment once.