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Flavor Bases

colorful scoops of ice cream on a white background

Flavor Bases

Taste the difference

A flavor base is a liquid that is added to frozen dessert to give flavor and visual appeal. Denali’s flavor bases are designed to disperse easily into the mix, giving an even flavor and color throughout. Flavor bases often contain added colorings which will change the color of the frozen dessert. Additionally, flavor bases can be formulated to create naturally occurring flavor profiles through the cooking process, providing a more authentic flavor profile. An example of this is a caramel base, whichdescribes attributes, minimum order quantity, and packaging of Denali Flavor Bases is made with condensed milk and sugar, and cooked the same way as a traditional caramel sauce. When added to ice cream, it adds a depth of flavor and a rich caramel color.

Some of our popular bases include a brown sugar base, cereal milk base, coffee base, and peanut butter base. They are typically used at a usage rate of somewhere between 5 and 10%.

Flavor bases can also be used to help a product meet the federal standard of identity. Our egg custard base, when is used at the recommended levels, supports the standard of identity for frozen custard.

We also manufacture flavor bases for sherbet that deliver the correct level of juice to meet the standard identity of sherbet (when used at the recommended levels).

Denali offers water ice bases, which provide flavor and color for frozen water ice pops.