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Ice Cream Stabilizers & Emulsifiers | Ice Cream Texture

Denali Ingredients Variegates Stabilizers and texture systems

Stabilizers & Texture Systems

Expertly Blended

Denali manufactures a wide range of stabilizer and texture systems for all types of dairy products. Systems are blends of functional components including gums, emulsifiers and starches that are selected for optimum performance. All our stabilizers and texture systems are backed by our expert technical staff that provide critical guidance on formulations and processing. So, whether you are in need of an ice cream stabilizer or for another dairy or non-dairy application, just ask us!

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  • Three ribbon blenders with various capabilities
  • Standard packaging includes poly-lined bags (20-50 lbs.) and drums (150-200 lbs.)
  • Maintaining a large inventory of raw ingredients for our stabilizer production including:
    • Hydrocolloids
    • Emulsifiers
    • Starches
    • Bulking systems
    • Specialty chemicals

Technical Support

Denali Stabilizer Systems has dedicated staff that are highly experienced in developing and testing stabilizer systems. Our experts can develop new systems or optimize existing systems to meet your expectations. Development equipment includes:

  • Pilot scale HTST system
  • Continuous freezer with aging tank, batch freezer and soft serve freezer
  • Incubator for cultured dairy products
  • MicroClimate heat shock cabinet for shelf life and RVA unit evaluation

Product Offerings

Shur Stab

Range of systems for cultured products including yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and cream cheese.

Choice & Regal

Choice and Regal are part of our frozen dessert range that includes systems for ice cream of all quality levels. We have over 30 commercial systems available.


Systems in the Ideal range are primarily for low-fat and reduce sugar applications. Some items will include a sweetener system as well as stabilizer components.


Denali has a complete line of products for sherbets and sorbets.


Stabilizer systems for dairy beverages including egg nog, flavored milks and creams.

Extreme Frez

Our range of high performance systems for frozen desserts. These systems provide for optimum plant performance and exceptional product quality.


Peak stabilizer systems have been formulated for soft serve mixes of all types and fat levels.


A complete range of water ice stabilizers and bases for pops and sugar-free pops.